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A Daydream that something could go right....

NicoletteFox started this conversation

I know, it's the biggest longshot ever.... but I found out about that free charity car site through here, and boy, it would b nice to have  car again. It would solve  LOT of poblems for me. Whnever I it's at the end of next month or sooner.... I'm going to have to somehow get me and my pets and my stuffsomewhere. In only two days I have a bunch of friends and 75 votes, so I'm smiling about it.

I'm still up, this toothache is maddning, but I'm going to have to somehow live with it for a few days. I have an appointment with a free lawyer on wedesdy, and I don't think I want to have an extraction or a root canal or something on the same day!

So much to pack, even in a tiny place, and so much to throw away that got damaged in the flood. 

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